Deliverance and Inner Healing

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John Loren and Mark Sandford make clear distinctions between demons, mental and emotional health issues and the processes of normal life in this practical and comprehensive guide to Deliverance and Inner Healing.

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John Loren and Mark Sandford address deep and difficult theological issues in their discussion of Deliverance and Inner Healing. Making clear distinctions between the field of deliverance from demons, and inner healing of spiritual wounds, this substantial and authoritative book describes in clear terms how we are impacted by both demonic forces and broken hearts. Many elements of demonology are de-mystified, as this discussion compares human spiritual structures with mental health issues and intellectual distortions. The book offers practical approaches toward relief from demonic oppression, mental and emotional distress, and how to overcome spiritual enemies to emerge from the battlefield into victorious Christian living. Dr. Doris Wagner in her forward of the book calls it: "the excellent Comprehensive Guide to Deliverance and Inner Healing." (Paperback, 378 pages)