Elijah Task

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Pioneering New Testament prophecy for the end times, John and Paula Sandford describe calling, commission, discipline and training of prophets. Intercession and the languages of God in dreams, visions, and dark speech are also discussed.


Written and published in a time (1977) when discussion of five-fold ministry was quite controversial, John and Paula Sandford have biblically substantiated the prophetic office for today in this pioneering work. No longer controversial in the mainstream Spirit Led church, these foundations continue to serve as guideposts for scripturally sound practices in today?s church. John and Paula describe the calling and commission of the Lord?s End-Time prophets, as well as the discipline and training of a prophet ? including parameters within which a New Testament prophet discharges his or her duties. The book serves as a primary work for prophetic intercession, and describes some of the languages of God in how God speaks to his people today. The basic descriptions of listening prayer, dreams, visions, dark speech and the audible voice of God contained in this book ? serve as fundamental starting points for many other authors who have expanded upon those subjects. (Epub, 225 pages)