Healing the Nations-A call to global Intercession

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Healing for the Nations, generational strongholds, Individual addictions, ethnic cleansing, racial prejudice and family turmoil are involved. The world is hurting, but God?s people have the answers for healing.


Best-selling author John Loren Sandford believes God?s people can make a difference in their families, communities, nation and world. What will it take? In Healing the Nations, John says it will take mature sons and daughters willing to look beyond their own problems and embrace the hurting people, culture and land that surrounds them. Largely a labor of sacrifice and love, this book is a useful resource to the handful of people who are truly called to healing for the nations. In humility and repentance, authentic prophets can defeat satan?s master plans through transforming prayer and sitting in the council of God. Not everyone should be so presumptuous as to try and apply the advanced principles outlined in this book. Few people are called to intercessory spiritual warfare for healing and deliverance of strongholds for nations. John?s calling as a prophet, his M.Div. from seminary in religion and personality, pastoring in local churches for 21 years before founding Elijah House, and his Native American heritage have helped shape his authority to describe cultural paradigms, address generational sins of nations, and identify national and global corporate mental strongholds. He concludes the book with seven principles of inner healing for nations. (Paperback, 250 pages)