Many just remembered the 5 yrs since Fukushima, just like any nuclear meltdown it is a frightening thing when it happens. Imagine that on a global scale. Chain reactions getting out of control! I believe that if Christ stopped His intercession for us, we would enter into a terrible uncontrolled chain reaction of our fallen humanity – His prayers are like the cooling rods in the nuclear reactor*. He will not stop the “natural” reactions, He will not stop us having a free will. Let us be thankful for His intercession, let us enter into His intercession. In prayer there is transformation so that we do not experience the desolation that comes with lack of prayer. He came to heal, restore and transform. May this Eastertide be one of glorious worship unto Him who is our prefect priest, prophet and King: Thank you Jesus for your loving intercession. (*I mention the Japanese catastrophe not as an example regarding their sin or lack of intercession, but r a ther an example of a meltdown).

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