We should never overlook our feelings and the way we think, act and speak sometimes. We have a lot of fears and conflict in our lives that don´t allow us to grow freely. In this way, I highly recommend these inner healing ministry sessions, though it´s important to keep a process of spiritual and emotional cleaning through reading the Bible and praying. It´s not about a weekend, but about a process in which God and I work together in conflict areas of our lives.

I think I arrived with a fundamental problem and I thought my wounds would be healed immediately. This is of course an error many of us make when we ask for help. We should arrive with a heart that is willing to learn and understand. As I already highlighted, the result shows in the long term when we spend time with God. I was surprised at the clarity with which things were explained, it is easy to understand why we suffer, but I´m sure if you´re looking for help, Elijah House will at least be a very good starting point, to share from an emotional and spiritual perspective. D. Madrid