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The name Elijah is a reference to our mission!

Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet [...] He shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the sons, and the hearts of the sons to their fathers.

But Jesus answered and said to them: Elijah will certainly come first and restore all things.

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years of experience.

About us

Who we are

Part of an international network

- the Elijah House Global Community


As a ministry, we are not incorporated into any church association. As a team, members participate in different churches/fellowships.


In addition to the German-speaking countries, we are also active in Slovakia, France and England.

Guest speaker

for preaching ministry, seminars or training courses in churches.


for pastors, leaders or other responsible persons in Christian ministry.


Your Journey ...

… for spiritual growth, equipping for ministry and a responsible approach to prophecy.

Personal healing

Training on personal spiritual growth, your relationship with God and others and how your "new life in Christ" can be a blessing to others.

"School for spiritual growth"

Passing on liberation

Receive tools on how to pray for others with authority and empathy using biblical principles.
"Training to Transform" .


Rediscover, unpack and test this wonderful but also "controversial" gift so that it can become a personal and communal blessing.

"Training for the Prophetic"

You can find more seminars below.

Prayer counseling

Receive healing

Elijah House draws on 50 years of experience and rejoices with countless people who have benefited from this ministry to find their true identity and purpose for their lives., die durch diesen Dienst ihre wahre Identität und Bestimmung für ihr Leben erfahren.

In prayer counseling or the “ministry of transformation of the heart”, we take time to talk and listen to God together so that your current challenge can be transformed into a springboard for your future. This is done through a variety of individual “prayers of the heart” such as: Repentance, Forgiveness, Deliverance, the “Lament Prayer”, etc.

Other important keys to our ministry are the application of biblical principles, the guidance of the Holy Spirit and a heart-to-heart encounter with the person seeking advice.

Guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it springs life.

Our events

Seminars for further training

These Elijah House events are places of encounter and equipping for service, that God’s Kingdom may be established this earth can be released on this earth.

How we serve the church

Together for the kingdom of God

The message of reconciliation finds its place at the heart of the Christian fellowship/church. Where reconciled unity is lived, the presence of God becomes visible and the church of God becomes more accessible to outsiders. We are happy to make our experience in this area available to the fellowships and churches.

Through seminars, mentoring of prayer ministers and preaching ministry, we help to create peace where there has been division. In addition, we offer teaching sessions and practical help in dealing with the prophetic so that the family of God can experience and discern the speaking of God.


Real experiences at Elijah House Austria

School for Spiritual Growth – online

A wonderful and beneficial online course. I have experienced words and clarity and inner healing in different areas of my life. Highly recommended.


School for Spiritual Growth – online

It’s great how reconciliation became possible in my life after I was allowed to take the steps of repentance and forgiveness and can now enjoy a good relationship with my children again!


School for Spiritual Growth – online

A very profound course centered on Jesus.


School for Spiritual Growth – online

Clear and well structured, I like it. Despite the online training, a dense and caring atmosphere was created


Training for the Prophetic – online

For me, the time spent in the small group is very valuable at T4P. It’s a lot of fun to be on the road together, practicing together, learning from each other and to experience the diversity of the prophetic with one another.

Personal mentoring and feedback are also very important during these times together.

I am strengthened and encouraged!


Training for the Prophetic – online

During the weeks of T4P, the desire to be close to the Father’s heart, to recognize his heart, to hear from his heart and to reveal his heart in my relationships captured my heart in a deep way.



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