Unlimited access to our training programs

The extremely positive feedback from our online training courses has encouraged us to continue offering the school online. The content of the training program corresponds to the live schools, but the implementation is unique – and flexible! We have prepared everything so that our virtual classroom will be a place where you can experience the following:
  • deep conversations
  • true-to-life teaching
  • liberating prayer
  • and personal reflection

With video streaming, interactive question and answer times and personal mentoring through small groups, we also want to invest in your life so that together we can come closer to the goal of restoring all things (Matt. 17:11).

The advantages are:

  • Location-independent: Participation is possible from anywhere, in any country. No vacation is necessary and no travel costs. The school can be completed alongside everyday life!
  • Flexible time management: The lectures can be listened to and paused online as often as you like to allow for more in-depth learning at your own pace.
  • More time (approx. 7 weeks): This enables intensive, personal support and sufficient time to consolidate the course content. In total, you have to set aside approx. 5 hours / week for school.
  • Practice in the small group times: Sufficient time for prayer, practical exercises, mentoring, feedback and encouragement (2 hrs/week).

What you need:

  • Computers – not just smartphones/iPhones
  • Headphones, microphone, webcam
  • Internet access with a speed of 1 Mbps upload and 2 Mbps download (test here)
  • Max. 5GB/month download volume
  • About 3 hours/week for the teaching units & homework
  • 2 hours/week for the small group.
  • Each part (equivalent to a 5-day “live” school) lasts approximately 7 weeks.
  • You can find more introductory videos here. (registration required)


The lectures are posted online at the weekend and the small groups are held at fixed times each week. The lectures are accompanied by short in-depth tasks. Since we are particularly concerned about relationships in online schools, we offer a shared online platform with an opportunity for exchange, questions, testimonials and feedback. After about 7 weeks, one part is completed. Around the middle of the school, a week is “kept free” so that the content can be processed well.

After completing the first part, you can register for the second part live or online.