Download the short information to have an overview. The manual describes more about the details.

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Tasks of the supervisor:

Here you will find the documents that you need and also save so that Elijah House interns can be trained in a standardized way.
Make sure that you have installed GoogleDrive on your computer.

  • All applications will be forwarded to Elijah House Austria for confirmation of participation. We also send a letter of acceptance to the persons and activate the necessary pages on our homepage (you can also view all these pages).
  • EHA creates a folder for each intern in GoogleDrive and makes them accessible to all supervisors. The contents of these folders will be:
    • Intern overview- 1 note/intern
    • Supervisor feedback form- 1x/ every 4 weeks
    • TT-Overview- 1x/ internship week
You can download all the necessary documents here: